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Being a Mason doesn't make you better than everyone else. It just makes you a better you, We believe mankind should be exactly that, We're much more about lending a helping hand than a secret handshake, Not just a man. A Mason, It takes a big man to believe in something bigger than himself,


Welcome to Freemasonry in Waterloo Region. The official name of our fraternity is “The Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Canada in the Province of Ontario”. We are divided into geographical areas called Districts. The other Provinces and Territories of Canada have their own Grand Lodges. There are Masonic Grand Lodges in most Countries all around the World.

We are not a religion nor are we allied with any particular religious organization or body, nor do we adhere to any particular political dogma. Our mission is to “take good men and make them better men”. The requirements for membership are that you must be 21 years old and believe in a supreme being.

Waterloo District is made up roughly 700 Brothers who meet in the 11 Lodges in Waterloo Region. There are also several other concordant Masonic bodies which meet in our District.

If you have any questions please use the “Email" link to contact our District Secretary.

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About Freemasonry

Freemasonry is the oldest and largest fraternal organization in the world. Its members share a common goal of helping each other become better men. It's body of knowledge and system of ethics is based on the belief that each man has a responsibility to improve himself while being devoted to his family, faith, country, and fraternity. Its roots go back centuries and its members are diverse: high profile leaders, physicians, construction workers, farmers and maybe you.

Ancient Fraternity

We’re united by three ancient and fundamental principles—brotherly love, charity and truth—that are made relevant to the 21st century through the personal development, good works and social connections available to our members in the 550+ lodges across Ontario.

Lasting Brotherhood

Freemasonry offers much to its members—the opportunity to grow, the chance to make a difference and the means to build a better world for our children. It offers the chance to socialize and work with men who have the same values and ideals.

In today’s world, it is difficult for men to come together in a way that enables them to develop true and lasting connections. Increasing demands from our careers and family makes camaraderie difficult to establish and maintain. Masons develop a connection built on shared beliefs and experiences. This creates a profound bond that transcends ordinary kinship. Brothers support and challenge one another, share knowledge and wisdom, and provide light and hope in times of darkness. As a Masonic brother, you will always have a network of peers who care about you, no matter the hardships you may face.

A difference is the only thing worth making. In this world of plenty, no one should be in need. Freemasons believe that the desire to help others is a natural by-product of our own personal growth and development. When good men come together, this desire (and our ability to put it into action) grows exponentially. From the earliest days of Freemasonry, providing care and resources for others has been one of our most vital activities. More importantly than financial support, however, is that all Masons give generously of both their time and talents.

The search for truth is its own reward. As Freemasons, we continually seek to better ourselves and the world around us through the pursuit of knowledge. At its core, Freemasonry is about the nature of truth. Together, we pursue wisdom through a system of values. We use symbols and allegory because they are the surest way in which our shared truth may be taught. Through these symbols and our shared traditions, each Mason defines and discovers his own unique path.

There are many personal benefits to becoming a Mason, and the rewards can be different for each person. But all Masons share a common goal: to become a better man. Men age 21 and older who believe in a Supreme Being and meet the qualifications and standards for membership are eligible to petition a Lodge. We welcome men of every religion, race, age, income, education, country, and opinion. Freemasonry requires that a man cannot be compelled to join our Fraternity and that he must seek admission based on his “own free will and accord.” The process for becoming a Mason is managed at the Lodge level. The first step towards joining is to contact the Lodge Secretary.

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Waterloo District Calendar

Waterloo District Lodges

Alma Lodge

Cambridge Masonic Centre

WM: W. Bro. Charles Coles
Sec: V.W. Bro. David Campbell

Glenrose Lodge

Elmira Masonic Centre

WM: W. Bro. Richard Petrone
Sec: R.W. Bro. William Clemens

New Dominion Lodge

Elmira Masonic Centre

WM: W. Bro. Carl Snider
Sec: W. Bro. Troy Lomond

Waterloo Lodge

Waterloo Masonic Centre

WM: W. Bro. Milorad Popovic
Sec: R.W. Bro. Douglas Fickling

Ayr Lodge

Cambridge Masonic Centre

WM: W. Bro. Brian Donovan
Sec: Bro. JP Bell

Grand River Lodge

Waterloo Masonic Centre

WM: W. Bro. Robert F. Young
Sec: W. Bro. Eddie Besenschek

Preston Lodge

Cambridge Masonic Centre

WM: W. Bro. Jim Donald
Sec: W. Bro. Graham Simpson

Wilmot Lodge

Cambridge Masonic Centre

WM: W. Bro. Gorkem Inal
Sec: W. Bro. Robert Steele

Concord Lodge

Cambridge Masonic Centre

WM: W. Bro. Fernado Vazquez
Sec: R.W. Bro. Brian Lowery

Mystic Tie Lodge

Cambridge Masonic Centre

WM: W. Bro. Rick Carmichael
Sec: W. Bro. Ken Mohan

Twin City Lodge

Waterloo Masonic Centre

WM: W. Bro. Jack Clelland
Sec: W. Bro. Greg Kaut

Waterloo District

DDGM: R.W. Bro. Phil Munroe
Sec: W. Bro. Alex Milne

Waterloo Masonic Centre

440 Weber Street N. Waterloo ON.

Cambridge Masonic Centre

1 Groh Ave. Cambridge ON.

Elmira Masonic Centre

7 Arthur Street South, Elmira ON.

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