About Freemasonry

Freemasonry is the oldest and largest fraternal organization in the world. Its members share a common goal of helping each other become better men. It's body of knowledge and system of ethics is based on the belief that each man has a responsibility to improve himself while being devoted to his family, faith, country, and fraternity. Its roots go back centuries and its members are diverse: high profile leaders, physicians, construction workers, farmers and maybe you.

Ancient Fraternity

We’re united by three ancient and fundamental principles—brotherly love, charity and truth—that are made relevant to the 21st century through the personal development, good works and social connections available to our members in the 550+ lodges across Ontario.

Lasting Brotherhood

Freemasonry offers much to its members—the opportunity to grow, the chance to make a difference and the means to build a better world for our children. It offers the chance to socialize and work with men who have the same values and ideals.

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Helping Others & The Community

We’re focused on enriching the lives of both the young at heart and young at age. Programs we support include the MasoniCHIP, Canada Blood Services, and the Masonic Foundation of Ontario. Locally, the Waterloo Region Food Bank, Prostate Cancer, National Service Dogs, and the Waterloo Region Museum.

Lasting Brotherhood

A Haven for Brotherhood & True Friendships

It is often said that Freemasonry “causes true friendships to exist among those who might otherwise have remained in a perpetual distance.” This is especially true at all Lodges in Waterloo District, where meetings are attended by members from different walks of life and generations. Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth, the core values of Masonry.

Masonic Man

Restoring Formality, Courtesy & Civility

Freemasonry’s teachings and principles encourage members to be better men by being better participants and influencers of today’s society, by being prime examples of true gentlemen, and by exemplifying the best in humanity.